Extinguishment Package


  • extinguishes burning vehicles quickly and effectively
  • No chemicals, refilling only with water
  • High-pressure water mist extinguishing system
  • Water flow of approx. 40l / min


E-Unit Löschpaket

Package contains of:

  • Carbon water tank (ca. 300l)
  • High-pressure water pump (20 KW)
  • V2A rapid-deployment hose reel with hose
  • Spray pistol
  • Control panel in passenger compartment and load area
  • BUS-Control
E-Unit Löschsystem


Our self-developed high-pressure water mist extinguishing system is immediately ready after refilling the water tank with water, because it does not rely on pressure vessel technology. With a power of approx. 20 kW and a water flow of approx
40 I/min, burning vehicles are extinguished quickly and effectively.

E-Unit Löschpaket