First idea approaches for the development of specific motorsport firetrucks


Purchase in Holland and modification of the first e-Unit based on the Chevrolet S10
May: First mission of an E-Unit firetruck at the 24 hour race (Nürburgring)
June: First operation at another racetrack (Drift Challenge Hockenheim)



Chevrolet S10 GPChevrolet S10 3


September: First use of the E-Unit 2; also built in Holland


E-Unit 2E-Unit 2 Team




Decision to build a third E-Unit single-handedly in Quiddelbach at the Nürburgring

  E-Unit 3E-Unit 3

Operation: All VLN-races, 24 Hour Race and tests on the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife


E-Unit 3 GP

2003 May: First use of the E-Unit 3 in Phoenix Racing Team testing
  E-Unit 3 Phoenix

Conclusion of an agreement with the automotive industry at the Nurburgring (the so-called I-Pool) for 16 weeks per year;
Task: securing of fire safety in prototype development


November: First operation of the E-Unit 4


E-Unit 4


Since 2001 until the end of 2004 season the E-Unit vehicles successfully complete 475 operating days


First use of two E-unit vehicles at the 24 hour races
Overall, the E-Units successfully complete 192 operating days


A year of superlatives:
E-Unit comes first time in operation for GLP /RCN as well as Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring




E-Unit receives the first International contract: Bahrain / 24 hour race 
In numbers: 11 staff members, 2 E-Units, 2 tons of binder


Bahrain Bahrain 2006

  E-Unit Bahrain 2006E-Unit Bahrain 2006
  E-Unit Bahrain 2006E-Unit Bahrain 2006
  E-Unit Bahrain 2006E-Unit Bahrain 2006
  E-Unit Bahrain 2006b_300_300_16777215_00___images_chronik_chronik_16.jpg

New record: 307 operating days


First use of two firetrucks at the F1 race (Nürburgring) 

  E-Unit F1 2007E-Unit F1 2007 2

First operation at the Rallye Sprint / Jürgen Steht in Schorndorf


E-Unit Rallye Schorndorf


Another record regarding the operating days: 361
E-Unit expands: purchase of new premises in the industrial area Meuspath

2008 May: start of construction at the new company headquarters in Meuspath
  Baubeginn MeuspathE-Unit Hallenbau Meuspath
  E-Unit Hallenbau MeuspathE-Unit Hallenbau Meuspath

August: Second international contract - the FIA GT Championship in Bucharest
In numbers: 8 staff members, two tractor-trailers, 3-E-Units, 6 tons of material

  Bukarest 2008E-Unit Bukarest 2008
  E-Unit Bukarest 2008 E-Unit Bukarest 2008 2
  E-Unit Bukarest 2008 E-Unit Bukarest 2008

First time contract securing the Rallye Köln-Ahrweiler


Again a new record regarding the operating days


November: Relocation from Quiddelbach to Meuspath

  E-Unit Standort MeuspathE-Unit Standort Meuspath
2009 Due to continuous expansion of equipment, the 2-door E-Units based on Chevrolet S10 reach their limits. The new, now 4-door E-Units, are based on Dodge Ram 1500
  E-Unit Dogde RAM 1500
  Modification of the first Dodge RAM based E-Unit; installation of the latest and most advanced life-saving appliances available

First exhibition at the Motorsport Expo in Cologne - the exhibited vehicle is sold to a Korean racing track


E-Unit Motorsport Expo KölnE-Unit Motorsport Expo Köln


January: Delivery of E-Unit 5 via Luxembourg to Seoul
Flight to Seoul for thourough costumer instruction on use of the E-Unit


E-Unit 5


Average operating days per year now: 350


June: As part of a visit, FIA assures itsself of the effectiveness of our e-Units 


Purchase and start of modification of two more Dodge RAM


E-Unit FIA 2010E-Unit FIA 2010

  E-Unit FIA 2010E-Unit FIA 2010

A new record in the number of operating days: 546


At the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring 3 E-Units are continuously on duty


June: 10th anniversary in Hockenheim at the Drift Challenge and first use of E-Unit 7


E-Unit 7 Drift Challenge Hockenheim


September: E-Unit 7 is consecrated during the 6 hour races at the Nürburgring

  E-Unit 7 E-Unit 7

E-Unit operating again at F1 in Hockenheim

  E-Unit 6 first time operation during the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring   
  E-Unit 6

September: Purchase of the E-Unit 8 and start of its modification


E-Unit operating again at F1 in Hockenheim


October: First use of the E-Unit 8


E-Unit 8b_300_300_16777215_00___images_chronik_chronik_51.jpg


Average operating days per year now reaching 530


October: Purchase of an additional RAM and its modification to E-9 Unit


Current staffing levels to cope with all orders: 50 firefighters


Teambuilding: Repeated exercises and joint leisure activities


E-Unit now employs firefighters from voluntary, professional and works fire brigades


E-Unit Team 2015