E-Unit vehicle

Why having a E-Unit vehicle?


E-Unit Heck

E-Unit Front

E-Unit Innen

  • E-Unit is always fast on the operation site
The powerful vehicle is designed for motor sport events and guarantees shortest startup times  

  • E-Unit extinguishes vehicle fires within seconds
Due to our efficient high-pressure water mist extinguishing system, vehicle fires of all kind including hybrid and KERS can efficiently and quickly be extinguished  

  • E-Unit extinguishing systems can be used again and agian
Multiple fire operations at racing events do not require an external refilling, because
the extinguishing system is pressure-free and only water is used.

  • E-Unit enables a patient-friendly rescue
Spreader-cutters as well as other highly modern rescue vehicles are immediately
available on the operation site.

  • E-Unit quickly binds liquid traces during driving
You increase the safety of your sport marshal in use and long race disturbances are
a thing of the past.

  • E-Unit increases your professionalism in safety management
E-Unit stands for professional safety in motor sports and thus increases your reputation
with publicity.

  • E-Unit minimises your costs

- Only water as extinguishing agent
- No annual audit of the extinguishing system
- Low personnel costs (only 2-person standard occupation)
- Own and always available rescue concept



The E-Unit Basic vehicle can be adapted to your individual needs with the aid of eight equipment packages

 E-Unit Pakete

detailed informationen about each package under "The vehicle"