E-Unit team

The most important part of E-Unit is the E-Unit-Team.

The experience of numerous missions and a solid education is the fundament of our professionalism.

Experienced in dealing with fire and the handling of emergency equipment they bring the best conditions for the work to be done with in a motor sport event.

 E-Unit Team 1
Because of Further educations and
Exercises with colleagues from fire and medical emergency services, we make sure that E-Unit Employees are well prepared for missions on the race track.

The training program contains:

  • first aid course
  • Cooperation of the emergency services on mission
  • Behavior on race track
  • Handling of RTW equipment
  • Special knowledge for missions with a rescue helicopter
E-Unit Team 2

Meanwhile, 40 people were employed in permanent position and a secondary job for the E-UNIT.

- Our Team -

The enthusiasm for their work is the foundation of E-UNIT

E-Unit Team 3